Friday, July 27, 2018

Fix Your Eyes on Jesus - Team Zambia - Lucas

Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. -Hebrews 12:1-2

Pastor Ibrahim encouraged Team Zambia with this section of scripture shortly before we departed for Lusaka International Airport to begin the first leg of our long journey home. It was a mixture of emotions for all of us. We were sad to be leaving but excited to be returning home to see family and friends. We were encouraged by the fellowship we shared both with our African brothers and sisters and our teammates from across the US. Perhaps some of us were even anxious to be removed from a group and a setting that is so conducive to sharing the saving news God's plan for our salvation. Through these passages and Pastor Ibrahim's devotion, the Lord had something to tell us: there is more to do. Teaching for the 2018 Mission Helpers has concluded in Zambia, but this is a race that calls for endurance, and for that endurance we need to look to our Savior.

Therefore the disciples said to one another, "Has anyone brought Him anything to eat?" Jesus said to them, "My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work." -John 4:33-34

During one of our group devotions during the past couple of weeks we read this passage, and the thought crossed my mind - What if I prioritized sharing the Gospel the same way I prioritize where and when I will have my next meal? What would change? The answer: A LOT! That's exactly what Jesus was saying here. It was not just important, but it was his purpose, and He has called us for that same purpose.

This trip has been a great opportunity to really focus on sharing the Gospel. We have entire days planned around teaching. On top of that, it's been quite humbling for our team to recognize the opportunities that the Lord is presenting us with when we are not teaching. Whether on the street (we stick out like a sore thumb, and people ask questions) or at our hotel meeting fellow travelers, or in the backyard speaking with the grandfather of one of the students we were able to teach, God was giving us opportunities to talk about Him. After that realization, we can't deny that God presents these opportunities at home all the time, and quite often we miss or even ignore them. Thankfully, we can be confident that the Lord will continue to give us opportunities, endurance and confidence to share His saving word.

It's my prayer for all of the Mission Helpers and all of you reading this, that the Lord would bless you as you go and make disciples of all nations - whether that means your next door neighbor or children in Africa. May He give you the endurance to run the race that is set before you, fixing your eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith!

In Christ,

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

One Thing Needful - Lydia Albrecht

There are many things needed in this life. Water, food, shelter, warmth. Some are more vital than others. But there is one thing needful in this life, and that is faith in our Savior Jesus Christ. If you lack in anything else, it's ok because this earth is just temporary. The past two and a half weeks we have traveled across the wonderful African countries of Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia sharing this one thing needful, this Good News of God's never-ending love.

Today, Team Tanzania visited a remote Masai village to teach about 120 kids there. While there, my sister and I got the news that our grandpa had passed away. Through tearful eyes, I looked around to see the breathtaking African landscape surrounding me - corn fields, thatched huts, mountains in the distance, baobab trees, and rays of sun beaming out through the clouds. I smiled because I caught the slightest glimpse of the paradise that my grandpa is experiencing right now. My grandpa had the most steadfast and unwavering faith, so I can and he did rest assured that he is now with His Savior. He had that one thing needful. 

We came here to share that one thing needful. That a God who is mighty enough to form the stars and the most intricate parts  inside of you, who was powerful enough to destroy the world in a flood but merciful enough to save a faithful man, who could cause different languages to be spoken with the snap of His fingers, who can raise men from the dead, who even though we don't deserve it was gracious enough to send His Son to take the punishment for everyone, that He loves us all so profoundly that He mercifully saved us so that one day we could be with him in Paradise. What comfort and joy that brings! That is the one thing needful. 

What a blessing it was to share this Good News with my brothers and sisters in Tanzania, and I pray for continued blessings upon them. 

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound 
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now I'm found
Was blind, but now I see

The Lord has promised good to me 
His word my hope secures
He will my shield and portion be
As long as life endures

Through many dangers, toils, and snares
I've already come 
His grace has brought me safe thus far
His grace will see me home

When we've been there ten thousand years
Bright shining as the sun
We've no less days to sing God's praise
Than when we'd first begun 

Team Kenya - Nakuru Wild Life Refuge - Nolting

We left Mois Bridge this morning at 4:00 a.m. Stopped in Nakuru at Java for breakfast and then proceeded to the park. There are no elephants in the park, but we saw giraffes, zebras, rhinos, water buffaloes, wart hogs, impalas, roebuck, and numerous varieties of birds. It was delightful. We are now about an hour and one-half out of Nairobi. Thank you, Lord, for your many blessings!

Zambia 7/24- Becca

Good morning,
After an eight hour van ride, we safely arrived in Lusaka once again. Now we have a couple free days before we fly to Dubai Wednesday night. Today, we are going to another craft market to get souvenirs (yes, Mom, you are getting one).
This morning, one of our team members went to the hospital with an infection. He is doing well, but will stay until tomorrow. Prayers are requested for his health and his comfort in the travel ahead.
It's amazing how quickly this trip has gone. In less than a week, I will back to work. It'll be nice to have WiFi all the time, but there will be a lack of "You are welcome!" everywhere we go.

Team Zambia - Dani

We taught at our last school on Friday, but we have had many opportunities since then to see wonderful examples of God's power and grace. On Saturday, we went on a safari and saw animals that we had never seen before. . . we were face-to-face with rhinos! When I saw zebras, I couldn't help but think about how much fun God must have had designing them.

Sunday morning began with a lovely church service at the place where we were staying. (The congregation in Livingstone is hoping to buy land for a church soon, so please add that to your prayer lists.) Sunday afternoon brought us to Victoria Falls which was SUCH a beautiful sight. It is one of those places that reminds me how big God is and how small I am. But still He loves me.

Keep us in your prayers as this trip wraps up. We've taught at 23 schools and although the teaching is over, we will need our health for our travels back to the U.S.

Team Kenya - Heading Out - Phil

On Sunday we had a great worship service at Emmaus in Moi's Bridge, even getting to take communion with our fellow believers there.  What a special experience!
Yesterday was our last day at Holy Cross school, with a similar rotation of teaching, singing and playing outside.  We were sad to leave them, these beautiful lambs of God across the ocean from us in the US.  But we have been blessed with the privilege of seeing the children at this school and St. David's in Etago with our own eyes, hugging them, praying with them, encouraging them face to face, both them and the adults we have encountered.
Please persist in prayer for our churches and schools here in Kenya (and all of East Africa and the whole world!) that they may know the truth of God's Word and continue in it, growing in faith every day.
Today we left Mama Anna's wonderful home.  What an amazing woman!  More prayers for her as well!
Today is our safari day!
More to follow...


Monday, July 23, 2018

Last Day at Holy Cross School in Mois Bridge

It was a good day! We arrived about 10:00 a.m. Carl and I taught today. Carl reviewed and took the crucifixion story, while I covered the consummation. Three levels with a total of about 250 children. I was able to hold one of the teacher's little boys--a cutie of about two years of age--during Carl's presentation. I shared six points. Jesus is alive. Jesus is watching over us. Jesus is returning and this world is passing away. Jesus will raise our bodies and they will be glorified. Heaven will be wonderful. Until He comes, we are to spare the gospel. After lunch we had our final sessions with the teachers, considering the nature of the gospel. Thank you, Lord, for Your presence and blessing!

Team Kenya--Sunday Worship - Nolting

What a marvelous worship experience! The church was filled with more than half being children. We sang many hymns. Pastor Samson, who is nearly blind opened the service with prayer, after which he remained seated, but he quietly spoke the pastoral portions of the liturgy while Henry, the pastoral assistant, led the service. I was privileged to preach once again on Matthew 11:25-30, pointing out that our greatest treasure is the gospel. I was also privileged to baptize three children--one ten-year-old girl, one eight-year-old girl--her sister, and a small boy of about one year of age. We were also privileged to commune with our brethren--a very special experience. After the service, we went out for Kenyan barbecued goat and came home to relax before our final day in Mois Bridge. May the Lord continue to bless the work!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Team Kenya - Moi's Bridge - Phil - Saturday

Hello from Team Kenya!
We had church with a group in the town of Kitale.  They invited us under Pastor Gurath's direction to come and also with his blessing Pastor Nolting preached.  There were very many hymns and songs, and the service was long but very good!
This group is not in the CLC, but please pray that Pastor Gurath can keep in touch with them and work toward that!
We are enjoying our accommodations at the Sagala farm - tons of huge avocados, fresh mango and pineapple and tiny sweet bananas for breakfast.
Wifi has been spotty, so sorry there haven't been more consistent updates...

God bless,

Team Tanzania Meets the Masai, July 21

Today we woke up to a great breakfast at "Christina's House," which is a very nice hotel owned by Pastor Jeremiah's cousin that we are staying at right now. (Hot showers and real toilets!)

After eating we searched Arusha for the finest cup of coffee and some souvenirs and gifts to bring home for family and friends.

In the afternoon four of us got the privilege of teaching approximately 40 Masai children about the Word of God. They seemed very happy that we were there and welcomed us with some great songs. After we finished teaching we sang them some songs of our own and handed out crosses to all of the children. They really liked the crosses!

We finished the day with a great supper and an even better devotion!

Your continued prayers for our health, safe travels, and most importantly for the spread of the Gospel are both requested and much appreciated. Thank you and may the Lord be with you!

-Henry Lau
(Photos by Leah Mackensen)

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Team Kenya - Kitale - Nolting

We have finished our worship service at Saint Peter's Lutheran Church. It lasted nearly three hours. There were many hymns, choir numbers (three groups including our team), greetings, prayers, and readings. I shared my sermon on Matthew 11:25-30 with the theme--the Christian's greatest treasure is the gospel. After the service they file outside and sing a hymn while everyone shakes everyone's hand--quite delightful. We shared a catered meal of rice, cooked cabbage, and a chicken sauce for the rice. Rev. Nathaniel  Bol Nook, a bishop in the South Sudanese Evangelical Lutheran Church, was in attendance. His church is relatively new and has no US affiliate. We chatted over lunch and exchanged contact information. While working with the Sudanese population in Mankato there was a strong desire along them for the CLC to work there. Perhaps the Lord is paving the way. Tomorrow we worship in Mois Bridge. May the Lord continue to bless the work we are doing and enable us to hallow His name! The pictures are of the congregation and their lay-pastor, Calvin, and his wife.

Team Kenya - Blair

Team Kenya is doing well! We just haven't had much access to WiFi since being in Moi's Bridge. The Sagalas have been wonderful hosts and Anna's home is beautiful! We are on our way to Kitale today for Pastor Nolting to guest preach. Blessings to all!

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Friday, July 20, 2018

Team Kenya--Second Day in Mois Bridge

We have been offline since arriving in Mois Bridge, so our post may well be a couple days late. Our second day at Holy Cross School went well. We have divided the students into three groups. There are over 110 preschoolers, approximately 80 1st through 4th graders, and approximately 60 5th through 8th graders. Carl and I were in charge of music today. We talked about the biblical message behind the children's songs we sang--"Jesus Loves Me," "The B-I-B-L-E," "The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock," "I Have Joy in My Heart," "He's Got the While World in His Hands." The children enjoyed learning how to breathe from their tummies when they sing. My second season with the faculty also went well. We covered the law,ending with the law's identifying us as sinners in order to prepare our hearts for the gospel. That lesson will be Monday. We have developed a close relationship with our hostess, Anna Segala, and her daughter, Mary, who is the head-mistress of Holy Cross School. We have all grown close to our driver, Patrick, who has joined us for many of our meals. One of the great blessings of this trip will be the special bonds of Christian love that are being developed and which we hope to maintain while here in this life and which will ultimately be enjoyed throughout eternity. Pastor Nolting

Team Zambia - Dani

To all our friends back home who kindly made necklaces for the kids in Zambia - Thank you! They love them and we encourage them to use the crosses as a mission opportunity with everybody they meet. They're as excited to receive them as we are to hand them out. 
- Dani G

Team Zambia- Kirsten Brandle

Hi all from Livingstone, Zambia! Made it to Livingstone two days ago and have been loving it! Today we went to visit five different schools, teaching about 300 kids! All the kids were, as usual, very excited to see us and very enthusiastic about their singing.

On our way to the first school, we crossed a bridge over the Zambezi river and got to see a whole swarm of elephants, as well as a few baboons.

Looking forward to the coming weekend when we'll get to go on a safari and see Victoria Falls!


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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Greetings from team Tanzania - Jonah Albrecht 07/19/2018

We began our day at the White House hotel in korogwe. We spent an hour and a half getting in our daily exercise by playing hackysack. After a sweaty and intense game, we loaded up the van and took off for Mgonbezi to teach at a school. We met with the local church to have a service and lunch. After dividing into two groups we taught about 90 kids! Another great opportunity,brought to us by God, to teach his children.

Team Zambia Livingstone 7-19-18 Sam Schierembeck

Greetings from Livingstone! 
Sam Schierenbeck here, we arrived here safely from Lusaka. Today, we taught at 5 schools and 650 kids! We heard a lot of their songs, as well as sharing some of our own. Every child is grateful for the message that we bring. Many of the kids today spoke English, so we did not need a translator. They were also quick to answer questions that we asked.After teaching the children, they are happy to play soccer with us, have their picture taken, or just talk with us. We will be teaching some more tommorow, please keep us in your prayers!
In Christ, Sam Schierenbeck

Zambia 2018-Nichole

Today we taught at 5 schools. The first school had over 300 students in it. They decided to have us teach the whole group in one go, so we got to teach outside. This was also probably the most efficient cross-handing-out that we have done so far. My favorite part was when all of the younger kids gasped every time we showed them a picture of the rainbow. I feel like in the states, we have this message so ingrained in us, that we fail to see how amazing these stories are. I mean, God CREATED the world with no context, and nothing to draw from for inspiration. He thought up the sky, the trees, the mountains, the RAINBOW, and everything beautiful. And these things are imperfect reflections of his creation! Just wow.

Team Tanzania - teaching 7/18 (Carl R)

Yesterday we taught to two groups of children outside of the home of some Christians we are connected with. They had gathered about 30-40 children for us, many of them Muslim.

During our lesson, we could hear the Muslim call to prayer beginning around the neighborhood. It's a sound we've gotten used to here, but never has it been so close to us. It was coming from a loudspeaker, seemingly just a few houses away.

As I sat there listening to my fellow Christians try to raise their voices over the loudspeaker, it seemed like the speaker  would just become louder and louder. Like Satan was actively trying to drown out our message of truth to these innocent children with false teachings.

I hope and I pray that our message will remain in the hearts of these children as they go forward in life, and that they can use the little crosses that we gave them as witnessing tools to their friends.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Team Zambia - Dani

We made it to Livingstone in the early evening yesterday and jumped right into a busy day of teaching today. We are definitely tired at the end of the day over here in Zambia but there is nothing more exciting than reaching hundreds of listening ears with God's Word. 
I'll be honest, the only thing I was thinking about after arriving in Livingstone after 8 hours (in a van that was filled past capacity over roads that weren't finished) was getting OFF that van. But how guilty I felt when, before exiting the van, Pastor Ibrahim (who occupied a FAR more uncomfortable seat than my own for all 8 hours) asked that we bow our heads in thanks for the safe journey. "Pray without ceasing" is a verse that I have realized I don't follow nearly enough. Here, at Pastor Ibrahim's request and often the request of those at the schools we are visiting, we pray about everything. It is incredible. Somebody gave us some soda as a gift - let's pray about it. We're about to start a day of teaching - let's pray about it. We're turning in for the night - let's pray about it. 
This was a lesson I really needed. It is just one of the many ways that being here as a mission helper has given me the opportunity to also be taught by others. 
We miss you all back home! Team Zambia has avoided illnesses, vehicle breakdowns, etc. up until now but we'll take all the prayers we can get. 
-Dani G

Team Tanzania-Travel to Korogwe (Olivia Albrecht)

We thanked our gracious hosts for everything they have done for us the past 3 days and left the lovely mountain scenery. We drove 3 1/2 hours southeast to the town of Korogwe. After eating a hearty lunch (they feed us well) at our hotel's restaurant, we drove another 2 hours to a church in Muheza Tanga. We split the children into two groups and taught them outside since inside was too small. We taught 60 kids all about the grace of God. After lessons we gave the children the cross necklaces (which they all LOVE by the way) and candy. 

Seeing those kids' smiling faces makes every bump and change of plans along this trip worth it. I thank God everyday for this opportunity He has given me and my fellow mission helpers to spread His Word. 

We return to our hotel tonight ready to take much needed showers (we haven't showered in 3 days) and have some rest. 

Thank you to everyone who is praying for our safety and health along this trip. It is much appreciated! 

Bwana Asifiwe! 

-Olivia Albrecht 


I forgot to add this picture to my blog earlier today

Zambia 7/16

Hello again,

Today we went to two schools around Lusaka in a different village. We also had an opportunity to play with the local kids as well. I taught them the hokey pokey. Four young girls, who are pictured here, held onto my hands continuously. We ran into a charity group from Ireland, who were as surprised as we were to see other white people. Some other girls asked me to sing a song for them, and I asked for one in return. We leave Lusaka tomorrow morning for Livingstone. Then more teaching until we return to Lusaka.


Kenya - Work at Saint David's School

Yesterday brought to an end our work at Saint David's School. What a joy! We were greeted with a number of anthems by the school choir and an anthem by a trio of the teachers. We responded with the singing of "In Christ Alone" and "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" (in Swahili). Blair organized a painting project, which she arranged and can describe. My part was painting Ecclesiastes 9:10 around the top of the water cisterns with a paint brush made out of a stick, the end of which a dedicated teacher had chewed into a bristle! I was privileged to give both a morning and afternoon devotion for the students and faculty, as well as to speak of the "Consummation" or final of the seven "C's." We ended our day at the school with our Mission Team standing in a circle with the Saint David's faculty singing once again "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" together in Swahili--quite emotional as we prepared to leave our new but very good friends! Oh, I was informed by Blair, who has become our Team Kenya Swahili expert that I was known among the students as Mzungu Pastor, or the wandering/visiting pastor. I'll take that as a compliment! Pastor Paul Nolting

Team Kenya - Misc. - Phil

There are a few other things I have been wanting to share so you can get a better idea of our experiences here.
The weather has been amazing!  The equator goes right through Kenya, and we have already or will drive over it!  This is their winter season, so highs are cooler  in the 70s-80s, and lows are in the 50s-60s.  Sunrise and sunset can't vary a lot being in this equatorial region, so about 6:30AM-6:30PM daily with slight variation during the year.  We have been in a very hilly / mountainous area with beautiful landscapes and trees, although not a lot of flowers.  There are many crops growing in fields we can see along the road as well as in the distance:  sugar cane, corn, tea, bananas, and more.  There have been hardly any bugs at all.
The students wear school uniforms with different colors for each school - ours in Etago were pink and blue.  We will see what they have in Moi's Bridge.  Boys wear shorts, but men wear pants.  Girls and women wear skirts and dresses, and usually very colorful ones!  Women even seem like they have nice clothes when they are working outside.  Many men wear sport coats or suit coats.  People seem to have many different jobs.  Outside of town there are many farmers and herdsmen, but also there are many animals in town.  There are thousands of small shacks, many of them connected, lining the roads, especially in town, that are made of wood, tin, and some are brick.  They advertise and sell almost anything, from produce they grow, to amazing furniture they make and sell.  There are road workers and hotel staff.  Some people wash cars, fix motorbikes, or sell repair parts.  Some sell clothes and shoes.  There are signs for hospitals and pharmacies.  There are taxis on motorbikes and vans.


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Team Kenya - Last Day in Etago - Phil

After spending 3 school days with the beautiful children of our school in Etago, we sadly parted ways.  It is hard to believe that tomorrow is the middle day of our trip!
Carl, Nyibol, and Pastor Nolting wrapped up the teaching with their lessons, and we had a great time with the kids playing and taking more pictures and having time for songs.  Many said to us, "We love you!" and "Please come back to see us!" and "We will miss you very much!" They wanted us to stay for tomorrow and longer!
Tomorrow is a travel day as we head out to Moi's Bridge.  Please pray for safe travel on our 5 hour journey!


Team Tanzania in the mountains

We have spent the past two days in the Pare Mountain district, close to the Kenya/Tanzania border. In fact, from where we are staying, which is Pastor Mshana's house on top of one of the mountains, we can see Kenya. We arrived early this Sunday, and were then able to worship at the church that was a short hike from where we're staying. We also taught about 25 children there later that day. At night, we enjoyed the company of our hosts while drinking fresh ginger tea, that is the most magnificent thing I've ever tasted. Even the walk to the outhouse that night was wonderful, as we could see what seemed to be the entire galaxy in the night sky, along with the lights of the houses scattered about the surrounding mountains, all while smelling the sweet perfuming scent of the bushes lining the path, that only flower at night. The next morning, we woke up to the rooster crowing. I forgot where I was for a moment until I walked outside to see the splendor that surrounded me. One of our hosts doesn't speak much English, but she got my attention by yelling "hey!". When I turned around she had hot milk tea that she was offering me and she brought me out a chair and said "sit down" after which she giggled because I think that's one of the only English phrases she knows. So there we sat, drinking tea on top of a mountain, with a glorious view. Later on, we hiked to one of the public schools where we taught about 15 children during their religion class. The district we are in has a strong Islamic foothold, so this school has a good mixture of Muslim and Christian students. There may have only been 15 children in that classroom but many of the other students were very curious about what the American visitors were doing, so they peered in the windows the whole time. We also gave each of the children we taught two cross necklaces each so that they could keep one and give the other to a friend. Later that night, we enjoyed the Lord's Supper with Pastor Mshana and his family.

We are all feeling very blessed to be here and are looking forward to our continued teaching opportunities here in Tanzania.

Lydia Albrecht

Team Tanzania in the Pare Mountains...Pictures from Lydia

Monday, July 16, 2018

Team Kenya - Monday - Phil

First of all - sorry my Sunday post got sent twice!  I'm not sure how that happened!

Today I taught my lesson on The Fall into Sin (Corruption) to each of the 3 different levels of students - Pre-K and K, middle (1-4) and older (5-8).  It was interesting to see how the younger two groups needed a translator but the older children didn't.  They were all great at listening and learning about my lesson on how, even though mankind sinned in the Garden of Eden and still sins to this day, our God is a God of love, patience, and grace.  He promised to Adam and Eve that a Savior would come - that promise and every other promise of God has come true!
It is sad to think that tomorrow is our last day in Etago! 🙁 Then Wednesday is a travel day to Moi's Bridge where we will teach again on Th,F, and M.

In Christ,

Team Kenya - Worship!!! - Phil

Hello Dear Friends reading these posts!  I miss you all, and I am honored and privileged to be able to go on this Mission Helper Trip to see our Brothers and Sisters in Christ and to share with you our experiences!

I hope your worship today was as great as ours here in Kenya!

We had 2 different stops today:
We picked up Pastor Enosh (from the Etago school Friday) on our way to Chotororo - he had an assistant covering his church service today in Etago so he could take us to Pastor Fred and his congregation and another afterwards (below).  They rent a tent and chairs every Sunday for outdoor church in Chotororo.  We had a very warm welcome - they are so appreciative of the fellowship we share with them from afar and were delighted to meet us and hear your greetings and prayers that are with them often from the USA.  It means so much to them that we are making this trip to see them!
We joined them for a couple hymns in Swahili throughout the service (and pronounced the words quite well!).
Blair had a great lesson for the children in both places talking about Jesus blessing the children.  Pastor Nolting preached about God's Word being out greatest treasure.
They wanted to meet with us after worship at both places and share their history and tell of their progress and needs in serving their communities.
They wanted lots of pictures and handshakes as we prepared to leave.  They also wanted to feed us, first at Chotororo right after church - rice and choma (goat). 
Not too far away was Pastor Isaac's church in Kenuchi.  First thing when we arrived?  They wanted to feed us!  This time it was rice and matoke (peeled and boiled bananas that taste like potatoes!). Then we walked a little way uphill to their church building - mud and wood walls with a steel sheet roof.
There were introductions both ways here as well.  They were very pleased to hear that Carl is my son and that he has been in school to be a pastor!  They also cheered to hear that Nyibol wants to go to a nursing college and then return to her native people in Ethiopia to be a nurse there!
Then worship continued with a similar program of songs and sermon and kids lesson.  They have a microphone and stereo and a loudspeaker outside for the public to hear what they are doing.  They played fun music that the kids danced to!
After church and a quick meeting we had more pictures and headed back to our hotel in time for supper.

Please continue to pray for us all!  I have heard that some teams have had a little sickness bothering them.  Pray for continued safety, but most of all that God's Kingdom work would prosper as He sees fit!

As they chant:
(try to put your own Swahili accent on that - if you can't, ask me to tell you when I get back!)

Phil Strike

Team Kenya

Yesterday was a joyous day. We were privileged to worship with our Kenyan brethren in two locations--Chotororo and then Kenuchi. The first service was held outdoors under a rented tent. The second in a mud-wall structure with a tin roof. We sang hymns in Swahili--familiar tunes, so we were able to sing along. Blair shaded an impromptu message with the children of each congregation based on Mark 10, pointing out that they were precious to Jesus and that intended to use them to teach us adults important things about faith. I was privileged to follow with a sermon on Matthew 11 sharing a message entitled, "The Gospel of Jesus is the Christian's Greatest Treasure!" There were approximately 60 members at each service. It was a long day, but delightful!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Team Kenya - Worship!!! - Phil

Hello Dear Friends reading these posts!  I miss you all, and I am honored and privileged to be able to go on this Mission Helper Trip to see our Brothers and Sisters in Christ and to share with you our experiences!

I hope your worship today was as great as ours here in Kenya!

We had 2 different stops today:
We picked up Pastor Enosh (from the Etago school Friday) on our way to Chotororo - he had an assistant covering his church service today in Etago so he could take us to Pastor Fred and his congregation and another afterwards (below).  They rent a tent and chairs every Sunday for outdoor church in Chotororo.  We had a very warm welcome - they are so appreciative of the fellowship we share with them from afar and were delighted to meet us and hear your greetings and prayers that are with them often from the USA.  It means so much to them that we are making this trip to see them!
We joined them for a couple hymns in Swahili throughout the service (and pronounced the words quite well!).
Blair had a great lesson for the children in both places talking about Jesus blessing the children.  Pastor Nolting preached about God's Word being out greatest treasure.
They wanted to meet with us after worship at both places and share their history and tell of their progress and needs in serving their communities.
They wanted lots of pictures and handshakes as we prepared to leave.  They also wanted to feed us, first at Chotororo right after church - rice and choma (goat). 
Not too far away was Pastor Isaac's church in Kenuchi.  First thing when we arrived?  They wanted to feed us!  This time it was rice and matoke (peeled and boiled bananas that taste like potatoes!). Then we walked a little way uphill to their church building - mud and wood walls with a steel sheet roof.
There were introductions both ways here as well.  They were very pleased to hear that Carl is my son and that he has been in school to be a pastor!  They also cheered to hear that Nyibol wants to go to a nursing college and then return to her native people in Ethiopia to be a nurse there!
Then worship continued with a similar program of songs and sermon and kids lesson.  They have a microphone and stereo and a loudspeaker outside for the public to hear what they are doing.  They played fun music that the kids danced to!
After church and a quick meeting we had more pictures and headed back to our hotel in time for supper.

Please continue to pray for us all!  I have heard that some teams have had a little sickness bothering them.  Pray for continued safety, but most of all that God's Kingdom work would prosper as He sees fit!

As they chant:
(try to put your own Swahili accent on that - if you can't, ask me to tell you when I get back!)

Phil Strike

Team TZ in the Pare Mountains... (7/15)

The Tanzania Team made it safely to the Pare Mountains south of Moshi where there are a few CLC-TZ congregations. Today we worshipped, taught kids, and worshipped again in the evening.

There's no hotels or hostels up here so we're being hosted in the homes of Pastor Mshana and other families. We're here for two more days. 

Electricity and internet access are very limited here so pictures won't upload and Team Tanzania blog posts will be scarce for the next few days. 

We continue to request and appreciate your prayers for safe travels, health, and the faithful proclamation of God's saving word. 

Team TZ - From Moshi to Tanga

Greetings from Team Tanzania! This morning, we were up bright and early, ready to move on to our next location after being in Moshi for four nights. The bells that ring at 5:30am outside our building were a welcomed alarm clock today, as opposed to previous days where we could have used a little less commotion that early in the morning. 

Today our plan is to drive an hour or so south to a village called Mwanga, which means city of light. I am told we will attend a church service when we get there where Pastor Jeremiah, who has been with us since landing in Tanzania, will deliver a sermon. We will then continue on to Tanga.

This is my first mission trip and my first time out of the country, as it is for many of us. We have gotten into the habit of asking each other for a "feelings check" to see how our fellow mission helpers are adapting to these different circumstances we are in. Personally, I find myself constantly being thankful for the little things that make me smile here - the sun peaking out of the clouds after a morning rain, little children grasping my fingers and resting their head on my arm, evening Bible studies with Todd and our group, speaking with pastors here and their hopes for future churches and schools, and the many moments we as mission helpers have laughed and gotten to know each other. 

We've had a few bumps in the road so far, literally and figuratively, but we have seen the Lord's hand in our work here. I pray that He will continue to be with us, and I want to thank all of you who are praying for our safety and continued health. 

- Leah Mackensen

Leah Mackensen
Lubar School of Business
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Team Tanzania...Friday update--Katherine Reim

The Tanzania team headed out to a Masai village church early yesterday morning. As we approached the door we heard the voices of 40 children singing praise to our God, and we joined in to clap the rhythm. Lessons focusing on the 7 C's of the Bible were listened to attentively by all within the walls.

Following the teaching, we handed out small treats to the kids and tried our best to improvise some Swahili. One little boy walked around to the members of our group, asking us to touch his head and bless him. 

Soon after, we all piled back into the team van and made our way to a preschool in nearby Himo. We were welcomed here by 20 some children singing an English welcome song. This group was very excited for our arrival; as soon as we stepped into the school they were crowding around us. After the lessons in Himo, we were invited by teachers to play with the kids on their playground. They were fascinated by our skin and long hair. One little girl insisted I hold her until the moment we left, but usually two children could be found in my arms. 

While we were saying goodbye, the Pastor and his wife invited us inside again to join them for supper. We enjoyed good food and conversation with our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

It is so amazing to wake up here every day and see the work God has laid out for us to do. Countless blessings already, and praying for God to continue his grace through the rest of the trip.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Team Kenya - Request for pictures - Blair

We have had some requests to see what the landscape, buildings, and such look like so here are a few. I have posted pictures and videos of the children to my Facebook page and Pastor Ohlmann has shared them on the Mission Helper Facebook page. Please feel free to leave us comments and/or request for specific types of pictures. We are enjoying ourselves here in Kenya but we still like hearing from all of you in America!

Team Kenya - Food in East Africa - Phil

So what do we eat while in East Africa?

First of all the plane ride to Dubai on Monday night/Tuesday they gave us some food similar to what we could have in Dubai:  chicken and potatoes made slightly different than we would in America, hot mushy spinach, cold bean salad, custard with berries and granola.
Since we didn't have an immediate connecting flight Tuesday night out of Dubai to Nairobi, Emirates Airlines policy was to put us up for the night, and breakfast was included.  There was a great buffet the night before with Arabic Bread (flat bread), baclava, bean salad, pasta noodles, meat stew (beef or goat???) rice, fresh fruit, potatoes mashed then fried....  The breakfast buffet had scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, fresh juice, sausages, fresh fruit, breads, and probably more I can't remember....
In our hotel in Nairobi we had similar food at supper and breakfast, but there was an amazing orange-ish sweet bread - so good!
We are at Dan's Hotel in Kisii, Kenya, from Thursday through checkout Wednesday morning - 6 nights!  Our favorite waitress so far is named Happiness!  Lots on the menu here: meat (or vegetable) samosas (deep fried triangles with ground beef and onions inside), greens like spinach or kale or collards, chicken or beef pilau (rice pilaf) or biryani (spicier rice), choma (goat, which isn't half bad!), mandazi (tastes like a donut shaped like a triangle), ugali (white corn breadlike but solid), and more rice mixed with stir fry meat / veggies.
(I think I could make a pile of all of the rice I ate this week and it would be more rice than I have had in the past year!!!)
The breakfast buffet here is good:  very flat pancakes with slight lemon zest, omelettes, hard boiled eggs, tea, warm milk, fruit - usually watermelon and bananas and some pineapple, fried potatoes, and I forget the name of the boiled/fried bananas that taste like potatoes..... The past 2 nights there had been recorded music with a neat Kenyan playing trumpet along!  He told me tonight that he wants to play jazz in America!  He also told me that former President Obama is in our town of Kisii tomorrow....
Oh yes - we also had a nice meal at the home of Pastor Enosh yesterday - rice, ugali, and goat stew.

Other teams or my own - please chime in if I forgot anything that I should have remembered or if you have food experiences to share!

If you have read this far.... PLEASE feel free to comment on this or any post!  We are so glad to be able to share our experiences with you all, and we would love to hear back your thoughts or encouragement or prayers that undoubtedly continue on our behalf!

I pray that all three teams continue in good health, safety, and much success as they sow the seeds of God's Word to all we meet on this trip!

In Christ Jesus our Savior,
Phil Strike - Team Kenya

Team Kenya - Etago Day One - Phil

Phil Strike here from Team Kenya!

Today is Saturday, but I need to write about Friday...
Day one (yesterday) was AMAZING!  We were as excited to arrive in Etago as the staff and children were to greet us!  The children sang to us as we got out of the van.  We entered the small classroom and saw just wooden benches with seats connected and a table up front with a few chairs.  The buildings are all red brick with steel roofs and a large black chalkboard on the front wall.  The windows have wooden shutters, and the floors are solid concrete.
The teachers introduced themselves and the children sang more songs and recited poems.  Pastor Nolting introduced us to them.
We split up children into groups for lesson 1 with Ted teaching Creation and others singing songs, while Pastor Nolting taught the teachers some religious lessons.
Every one of these children is so beautiful!  Such energy and excitement, and all have such beautiful voices!
PreSchool and K students leave at noon.  Older children have school from 7AM-5PM with a lunch break at their homes from 12-1:30.
There are 13 staff members:  some teachers in the lower grades each have a class, then teachers of older students teach just certain subjects.  There is a headmaster and also a head of security, and Pastor Enosh teaches religion on Fridays.  We decided we should be at the school from 10AM-3PM each day so the teachers would have time for some regular lessons.
At the end of our time the translators asked the children if it was ok that we come back Monday.  They all said in chorus "YES!!"  Then they said we can come back Saturday and Sunday too!

More to follow!

Phil Strike - Team Kenya

Team Kenya - Tabaka Soapstone - Blair

Had the coolest experience today in Tabaka!! It's the soapstone capitol of the world. We had an impromptu personal tour of everything from the caves where they get the rock from (given recents events I declined the invite into the cave), he carved me a piece as we walked and talked. He had me carve on it some as well. Then he showed me how to sand paper it because that is the woman's job. While I did that, he got out all the different tools that they use and demonstrated what they were all used for. I asked him if he could carve words on it. He said he could and asked what I wanted. The Lord opened an opportunity to share the gospel! Since the man's name was John and the rock was carved in the shape of a heart, I requested John 3:16. I asked him if he knew it and shared the words of the passage. He knew some of them. Then he took us into his brother's house and waxed it. The whole experience was just an unexpected blessing! The children in the town were also very excited to see mzungu (white people). After accidentally scaring a boy with my "Jambo" and extended hand for a handshake (he did laugh after he realized I was only trying to be friendly), he returned with probably 10 more friends who wanted handshakes. One young boy taught me how to play with his toy - what appeared to be the rim of a 5 gallon bucket and a stick that you use to keep it rolling down the street. I think my attempts were quite amusing to the kids as they stood nearby giggling. As they say here "God is good all the time. All the time God is good. That is His nature."

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Team TZ goes to Kenya... (7/14)

Team TZ had a change of plans today when the Lord opened a door of opportunity to teach twenty-eight children at an independent Lutheran congregation just over the Kenya/Tanzania border in the town of Taveta. This congregation, along with six preaching stations among the Massai, are working toward re-establishing fellowship with the CLC-TZ. We thank the Lord for the privilege of teaching His saving Word! 

Team Kenya

We had a rest day today, and so traveled to the soapstone capital of the world. Soapstone is mined, but then easily carved into beautiful artworks--animals, plates, jewelry boxes, and abstract pieces. The main artist, John, gave us a tour of the mine and took us to an artist's homes, where we saw many original works.
We returned to Kisii for a late lunch with Pastor Enosh and our driver, Patrick, joining us. We discussed the worship services tomorrow. I will have the privilege of preaching and sharing a message on the gospel being the Christian's greatest treasure
The afternoon was spent purchasing supplies for Monday. May the Lord continue to bless our work!
Pastor Paul Nolting

Team Zambia 7-13-18 Lusaka Sam Schierenbeck

Some pictures i forgot from my last post.

Team Zambia 7-13-18 Lusaka Sam Schierenbeck

Sam Schierenbeck from Team Zambia here,
We spent the morning teaching around 90 children at a local school. They had some songs prepared for us. It was nice to hear how they sing hymns. We also sang some of our hymns for them as well. When we taught them they were able to answer most of our questions, which was great to see. After the service we handed out gifts for the children, and took some pictures. They loved seeing themselves on the screen! Many of them would yell "one more please sir" and pose. It is always hard to leave after spending some time with them. 

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder tgem, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."
Matthew 9:14

In Christ,
Sam Schierenbeck

Team Zambia, Saturday, Matthew

Hello from Zambia. 

Today we taught lessons in a small school to about 130 kids. Our translators have done a wonderful job conveying the message to the children. 
After the lessons we had the opportunity to go to a sort of common ground for several different schools. Hundreds of children were there already playing and we were delighted to join them. We sang songs, played football (soccer), sang more songs, and then went out for some local cuisine. 

The Lord has blessed us with good health this far and provided reliable people to help us spread the message.  Pastor Ibrahim has been a fantastic guide and our drivers are excellent, too!

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to teach God's Word here in Zambia. Blessings to all the other teams and to those back home. 

In Christ,


Friday, July 13, 2018

Team Kenya

We spent our first day in Etago at Saint David's School. We were welcomed by a series of student presentations and a beautiful hymn sung by a trio of teachers. We presented two soccer balls to the school principal--Bernard Oyaro, the school's primary English teacher. I was then privileged to address the students and faculty on the basis of Mark 10, speaking of the importance of children in our Savior's eyes.
My joyous task for the day was sharing two lessons with the the other eleven faculty members. The first stressed the Bible as God's inspired Word, which presents two important doctrines--law and gospel. The second stressed the nature and purpose of the law. The teachers were sharp and participated well.
We were graced by a fine lunch at Pastor Enosh's home and returned safely to Kisii by shortly after 5:00 p.m.
The setting of Saint David's School is striking in the beautiful hills of western Kenya.
Pastor Paul Nolting

Team Kenya - Day “One” - Blair

Today was our first day at a school - St. David's Kinship Academy. We were greeted with a warm welcome! After formal introductions and performances they did for us, we took a break and went outside. I was giving the children high fives and shaking their hands. I squatted down to get at their eye level and all of a sudden I had 20-30 kids feeling my hair. They thought that was pretty funny. They laughed really hard when I swung my ponytail side to side. They sang songs and even danced for us today. It was so cool!!! Nolting taught the teachers today. Quade taught a lesson on creation today. While he did that with one group, the rest of us taught songs to the other group. Today we did Jesus Loves Me, The B-I-B-L-E, and This little light of mine. To top it off we taught them the Hokey Pokey and If You're Happy And You Know it. We even had visitors hanging in the windows today (kids from the village that are not students at that school). I pray the Lord used that as a opportunity to witness. We all had a fun time. Balloons were a big hit today but also a learning experience to find a better way to distribute things. I'll take the blame for that one. We had lunch with Pastor Enosh and his wife and two of the male teachers.  The teachers had a really good time taking pictures with my camera today and we all enjoyed volleying around a soccer ball while the students went home for lunch. 

The landscape is very green. There are fields of sugar cane, tea, banana trees, corn, a special type of grass for the cows, etc. While there is A LOT of plant life, you don't see many colors other than yellow flowers and orange flowers that grow on a tree. 

Motorcycles are common transportation. They are called borda borda (border border) and I'm not sure if I spelled that right. I'm learning more and more Swahili every day but not really sure how to spell most of it. We drive on the "wrong" side of the road and no dotted lines are needed on the roads for permission to pass....they do that freely and often. We are all exhausted from a super fun, exciting, blessed day. God is good. All the time. That's all for now. 

Blair Sydow 

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Team Tanzania checking in (Carl Reim)

Greetings from Team Tanzania! We arrived at Kilimanjaro Airport around 7pm on Wednesday evening (about 11am Central time), and drove a short ways to the town of Moshi where we will be staying the first few nights of our trip. After a long couple days of traveling, it feels great to be able to settle in, even if it's just for a few days. So far we have been acclimating ourselves to the surroundings, exchanging money and meeting some of the district pastors.

Today, we will be traveling a few hours and teaching for at least one church. I am very anxious and excited to meet more brothers and sisters in Christ and work with the kids.

Please pray for continued support for our team. Although we've remained in good spirits, we have been battling some sickness. And please pray that our words today will reach the hearts of the children, that their faith might be renewed and strengthened through our visits.

-Carl R

(Picture: Mt Kilimanjaro from our last plane. So far it has been too cloudy to see it from the ground.)

First Impressions of Kenya

As one descends the steps of the plane to the tarmac in Nairobi, you notice the difference from Dubai. Kenya is a much more modest economy. Here you have steel girders and cement rather than marble and glass. The temperatures are in the 70's, rather than 110! Animal statuary dot the landscape as we leave the. Airport entering the city of five million souls. Traffic is heavy, but our driver for the two weeks, Patrick, is quite capable of swerving between lanes while answering questions from members of Team Kenya. We spent our first night in Hotel Milele, a Presbyterian hostel, located next to an ornate mosque. Our meal at their cafeteria was reasonably priced and convenient. We were tired and ready for bed.
Wednesday brought nearly eight hours of travel through the Kenyan countryside heading west and north. Words to describe what we were privileged to see--diversity of wealth from a Nairobi slum of over one million souls to some of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen; diversity of landscape--lush farming country with small fields of corn and beans to large fields of wheat, prairies with herds of Masai cattle and goats, rolling hill country with banana groves and tea plantations, and then, of course, the Great Rift Valley--a gorgeous expanse of land on a major geographical fault line; diversity of human endeavor--thousands of small shop owners featuring everything from farm produce to furniture, people on motorcycle taxis to workers on road and railroad construction, schoolchildren dressed in dark green skirts or shorts to grandmothers carrying bundles on their heads.
We arrived in Kisii shortly after 4:00 p.m. and checked into our home for the next six days--the Hotel Dans. We were greeted by Pastors Enosh and Fred--godly men who welcomed us warmly and helped to build our excitement for the work soon to begin. The day, which had been mostly cloudy, ended with a brilliant sunset reminding us of God's grace and the joy we hope to bring to the children and teachers at Etago tomorrow. May the LORD bless those efforts!
Pastor Paul Nolting and

Thursday, July 12, 2018

KENYA - One Last Leg (for now) - Phil

Jambo (Swahili for Hello) from Kisii, Kenya! 🇰🇪 
I did some quick estimating and found that since Sunday (4 days ago, or 96 hours ago) I have been flying for about 19 of those hours and riding in a car or van for about 11 of them!
Team Kenya got to meet Pastors Enosh and Fred tonight at our hotel!  They are so welcoming and helped with some details of our time here.  We will finally get to Etago tomorrow and meet the teachers and students at our school there and get to work sharing the Gospel with them!

Phil Strike

Team Kenya Arrival...Paul Nolting

As you arrive at the airport, you immediately see the contrast between the opulence of Dubai and the relative modesty of the Kenyan economy. The people, however, were going marvelous. Our driver for the two weeks and the owner of the vehicle met us and after some issues with traffic, which are familiar to those who have travelled in other third world countries, we arrived safely at the Milele Hostel. Our meal in their dining facility was good. The room is modest, but comfortable-like a dorm room at ILC with a small private bathroom. I awoke at 2:30 a.m. wide awake and texted Sara. The Muslim call to prayer aroused us at 5:20 a.m. A cold shower is certainly a refreshing way to start your morning. We will leave at 8:00 a.m. for Kisi and the work the Lord has brought us here to do!

Zambia Post...

Yesterday, we arrived in Zambia with an excited greeting from Pastor Ibrahim. We had dinner with a local family whose school we will be teaching at tomorrow. 
Today, our first full day in Zambia, we got right to work and taught at six schools. It would be a privilege to even reach a handful of children over these 3 weeks. But by God's grace, on the first day, He used us to reach approximately 650!
Please continue to pray for us back home! We couldn't be doing any of this without you and your shared love for God and passion for spreading His Word. To Him be all the glory. 

Zambia - Rebecca Krause (7/12)

Good evening from Lusaka!
The weather has been comfortable here for our first day of teaching. Team Zambia headed out after a filling breakfast to six schools to teach and give out gifts. The students and teachers were very welcoming, as was everyone we've met this trip. Our story follows the 7 C's of the Bible as taught by Answers in Genesis. My story is Noah's ark and the Tower of Babel. I was nervous for my first lesson, but by the end of the day, I felt more comfortable. The children loved handshakes, pictures, and feeling my hair (it's soft, I guess). Afterward, we ate at the Hungry Lion, a chicken place, much to Pastor Ibrahim's chagrin. Currently we are relaxing and using the WiFi for messaging, phone calls, and blogging!
It is very humbling to teach here, but I submerge myself in the culture. We reached about 300 souls, many of whom were familiar with the lessons, but not any less excited to meet us. Tomorrow will be a half day, according to Pastor Ibrahim. And thus ends our first day of seven in Lusaka.

Team Zambia Sam

Sam from Team Zambia,
We landed in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia last night. We spent today teaching and went to 6 different schools. The children were all very excited to see us. There were a lot of high fives and handshakes all around. The children were also very eager to hear our message. It was a great start to our mission trip in Zambia.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Goodbye USA & hello Dubai

July 10, 2018
It was so hard to say goodbye to daughters Maggie and Sammie. I've never left them this long before. I know they'll be ok, but I think the moms out there understand where I'm coming from in not getting to see them for 2.5 weeks. I didn't think it was possible to watch your heart walk away from you in Charlotte and still be able to keep breathing ...but here I am in Dubai....breathing. As I anticipated my departure and visualized goodbyes, I began to second guess myself and going on this trip. I have prayed for strength so many times already. While sitting alone in the airport in Charlotte I got an unprompted text from Lana Strike. I don't personally know her well nor had I expressed to her individually the ache of a mother's heart saying goodbye or how I had been second guessing the decision to go, but the text said, "putting the desire in your heart to share His Word with our fellow believers in Christ overseas was not a mistake." And shortly after I read a message from my brother Chad that included "he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me" Matthew 10:37. It's amazing how our Lord reminds us of His promises and comforts us not only through His Word, but also through our brethren!!! It was exactly what I needed to hear to reassure me of God's plan for me participating in this Mission Helper Trip.

We are settled in our hotel room in Dubai for the night. Our flight was somewhere between 13-14 hours long. Very nice plane with both "stars" in the ceiling and our own tv on the chair in front of us. Upon arrival in Dubai arrangements were made for our complementary hotel stay at Copthorne Airport Hotel where we also ate a buffet style dinner. I'm pretty sure we all found something we liked...I mean let's face it...if I found food that I liked, SURELY everyone else did! :-) It's 10:15pm local time and we will meet at 7am for our ride back to the airport. That's all for now. Thanks for all of your continued prayers!!

In Him,
Blair Sydow
Team Kenya

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Monday, July 9, 2018

Final preparations

Phil here from Okabena, MN.  I have just left home in Pastor Nolting's car with Jonah and Rebecca.  I am filled with a mixture of nervousness and excitement - but the excitement definitely outweighs the uneasiness.  I am mostly just nervous about the unknown of it all (this is my first Mission trip, actually my first time ever needing a passport!), but I know God is with us all as we begin our trip in His service!  I am extremely excited about meeting our brothers and sisters in Christ in East Africa and also reaching out to those who may have never heard of their Savior Jesus!
Our church service this morning reminded me that both here and across the US, fellow Christians are praying for good weather, safe travels, and the health of all of our team members.  Thank you so much, and please continue these prayers for us as we carry out the Great Commission of our Lord, to "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." (Matthew 28:19)
Thank you so much to those of you who have supported me and others financially, and for the many encouraging words leading up to this journey!
We have a quick night, then an early departure first to the Milwaukee area to meet with most of our volunteers, then a bus trip to Chicago to fly out tomorrow night.
Good night!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Getting Ready to GO...

The 2018 CLC Mission Helpers to East Africa are counting down the days until their July 9th departure. This trip will allow twenty-three CLC volunteers the opportunity and privilege of proclaiming God's saving word to more than 5000 children. Some of these children will be members of CLC affiliated congregations, but most of them will not. For many of the the children this will be first time they have heard a clear and Biblical presentation of the Good News of Jesus Christ as the one who died and rose from the dead for their sins! Along with the child evangelism efforts, several pastors, teachers, and leaders in Kenya and Tanzania will receive encouragement and training from Pastors Paul Nolting and Todd Ohlmann and Teacher Ted Quade. 

A Dala Dala
waiting for more passengers in Tanzania
The twenty-three Mission Helpers will divide into three teams and travel separately to their destinations. The three teams will fly together from Chicago to Dubai. The teams flying to Tanzania and Kenya will then travel together as far as Nairobi, Kenya. Team Tanzania will then take a regional airline flight from Nairobi to Kilimanjaro. Team Zambia will fly directly from Dubai to Lusaka. Buses, Dala Dalas, Matatus, and rented vehicles will take them to a variety cities, towns, and villages where they will proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Team Kenya
Paul Nolting (Valentine, NE) 
Ted Quade (Hales Corners, WI)
Phil Strike (Okabena, MN)
Carl Strike (Okabena, MN)
Blair Sydow (West Columbia, SC)
Nyibol Kuan (Mankato, MN)

Team Tanzania
Todd Ohlmann (St. Louis, MO)
Carl Reim (Inver Grove Heights, MN)
Jonah Albrecht (Okabena, MN)
Henry Lau (Eau Claire, WI)
Katherine Reim (Eau Claire, WI)
Emma Mueller (Hales Corners, WI)
Leah Mackensen (Hales Corners, WI)
Lydia Albrecht (Hales Corners, WI)
Olivia Albrecht (Hales Corners, WI)

Team Zambia
Lucas Brown (Phoenix, AZ)
Matthew Kranz (Mankato, MN)
Sam Schierenbeck (Fond du Lac, WI)
Adam Brown (Markesan, WI)
Kirsten Brandle (Middleton, WI)
Nichole Brandle (Middleton, WI)
Rebecca Krause (Watertown, SD)
Danielle Gerbitz (Hales Corners, WI)

    Please pray that the Lord would give an abundance of wisdom, love, compassion, patience, and safety to the Mission Helpers and to those they go to serve as the Gospel is proclaimed to 5000+ children in several villages throughout Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia. Pray also for the pastors and church leaders who have spent much time and effort preparing for this Gospel outreach opportunity.